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COVID-19 has changed how traditional "Office Space" is used...or NOT used. As time moves on, will prior formulas of open floor plans resurge one day? It's hard to say. What we CAN conclude is, not everyone's confidence in "open" workspaces will be restored overnight. 

HDG provides landlords design options to ReScale & ReThink current office space by instilling designs that support "private" spaces. Thus increasing employee comfortability to return to the office "place", thus increasing the marketability and occupancy of your leased space.

Case Study:
HDG recently ReScaled a 2,970 sf. office space (zoned for business and residential). The current tenant's space needs drastically dropped since the pandemic and they are projecting a significant amount of home workers will continue to work remotely.


The NEW space is now 1,760 sf. office space with a separate 1,210 sf high-end apartment the landlord plans to rent. 

For the ReScaled office, HDG designed new individual "cubicle-like" units reducing the "open" floor plan sf.

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